"Falling Peony I", 47"x58", paper with beeswax, encaustic, and ink, 2023

"Falling Peony II", 62"x38", paper with beeswax, encaustic, and ink, 2023

SIEN Collective is the collaborative work of artists Meagan Shein and Siobhán Arnold.

"Strangletree" is from "A Murmur in the Trees", an exhibition by SIEN Collective.

"A Murmur in the Trees" is a mixed media collaboration exploring the contradiction between looking and seeing (how we mis-see and un-see) examining the inherited, imposed, and internalized systems of the visible world. The work is particularly informed by the forest as a locus for the myths of both childhood and motherhood, as well as an enquiry into loss and fragility in the invisible/emotional world.

SIEN Collective, "Strangletree", 46"x50", paper with beeswax, ink and thread, 2014

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